£10,000 Per Month Average Payout!

While Camelot have doubled their ticket prices, we have lowered ours! 
Yes for less than a quid a week you can have 16 tickets drawn twice a month to win some big cash prizes!

There are also some excellent bonus gifts up for grabs as well. Don't miss out.
Who can play? Serving and retired police staff, special's and volunteer workers. Easy sign up - subs taken from pay or pension so you don't have to remember to enter again or chances can be paid for via bank standing order. Join up from the Lottery tab above or click HERE

The Force Lottery is drawn fortnightly. 
Prizes from Jan 2020 will be;
  • 1st Prize £1500
    x 2
  • 2nd Prize £800
  • 3rd Prize £500
  • 4th Prize £250 x4
  • 4th Prize £100 x 28
  • Big bonus prizes throughout the year
  • Non cash prizes

This more than doubles our winners and makes every prize worth having. You have a much better chance at winning an equivalent prize here than on the National Lotto. If you only have a few tickets, then why not up your stakes? 

Lottery FAQ's HERE


Not in it? Can't win it!

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BONUS PRIZES in addition to cash prizes!


The lottery is managed by the Force Leisure and Sports Club. Past winners are shown by clicking the link at the top of the page. Tickets (chances) are only 25p each.

Most lotteries only pay out only 50% or less in prizes. We pay out around 70% back in prizes while any proceeds helps to support projects to improves benefits for our staff and their families, as well some good causes and the administration of the Force Lottery and Club.

Draws are held twice a month as near to published dates as possible. Draws may vary from this due to weekends, leave or other commitments. This can mean that one draw is made in one calendar month and 3 the next. This will mean 24 draws in one year however depending on dates it can mean 23 in one year and 25 in the next year. As soon as the draw is made the results will appear on The specification of any non cash prize may change subject to availability or price increase.  Please note that we ask for an initial commitment of 12 months when signing up due to the time involved in setting you in the system up from HPLS and Payroll staff.     CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

 Good luck! Dave Moore 
HPLS and Lottery Secretary

The Force Lottery is a 'Society Lottery' run in compliance with the Gambling Act 2005. Further information can be found here