Alresford Golf Group Scheme

Dear Alresford Golf Club Members,


We are aware that some of our members may have some concern about the Hampshire Police corporate group golf scheme that operates from our club. As such we would like to ensure that any such member is fully aware of how the scheme works, what the restrictions are in place and also how having such a scheme is a benefit to both our golf club and the Hampshire Police Leisure and Sports Club.


The scheme works by HPLS purchasing a number of full memberships from AGC and then using these memberships to offer access to a wider group of police and fire service serving and retired members to use them under restricted conditions. Firstly the maximum number of HPLS members on the course at any one time will not exceed the number of memberships that has been purchased, currently 14, e.g. 7 pairs or 3 x 4 balls and a pair. There is a cap of 14 and will not increase any further. HPLS scheme members are not members of AGC, but instead members of a scheme which operates within the club. There is no reciprocal play at other clubs and they cannot play in AGC team fixtures. Associate playing partners are permitted on the scheme to play their police and fire brigade members, however these make up a small proportion of the schemes numbers. They cannot play in any annual club silverware competitions and cannot vote in any club meeting. Their access to the course should not have any significant impact on regular members play. We do however encourage scheme members to get involved in the social side of the club, use the bar and shop.

We are in 2020 introducing further restrictions around access to the course which are designed around addressing any remaining concerns that full members may have. Please be assured that while membership of the group scheme is a benefit to both serving and retired police and fire staff, the scheme is also good for AGC in that it generates valuable additional income for investing back into our club.  If any AGC member has any concern which has not been addressed here then please discuss this with the Club Secretary.