Am I a member of HPLS?

If you are unsure if you are a member of HPLS you can find out by;
  • Looking at your staff payroll or pensions advice slip for a deduction of £3 to HPLS or Sports & Social Club
  • Other ways of paying are standing order or one off payments which you check with your bank.
Enrolment with HPLS is not now or ever been an automatic process. You need to have applied to join up at some point.  If you were a member of a Sports & Social Branch Club, your membership should have been converted to HPLS.

However if you retired it will stop. If you retired and then been re-employed by Hantspol, or been TUPE'd to another organisation or force your membership would have stopped and you need to let us know to set it up again.

If you are still unsure please email