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Dear Retired HPLS members.

HPLS have been contacted by Channel 4 TV looking for retired police officers to take part in a docu-drama TV series as described below. This project sounds very interesting and if you would like to be involved please make contact with Lindsay on the details shown below. She is on a tight turn around and would like to have discussions with suitable participants before the end of this week. Good luck and I hope to perhaps see a few familiar faces I know when this gets aired!

Regards Dave Moore




Major TV Opportunity for Retired Police Officers. Email

Dragonfly are an award winning company producing a range of factual television including Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute. We’ve been commissioned to produce a new five part series for Channel 4 exploring the inner workings of the process of trial by jury in the UK. We are looking for former police officers to potentially take part in a fictionalised trial.

The idea involves creating crime drama that feeds into a ‘factual’ trial that will see a real judge, real barristers and a real jury of members of the public gather in an authentic courtroom to consider the evidence of a fictional case. The trial will be filmed as a documentary and there will be no scripts in the courtroom. Instead actors playing the accused and witnesses will improvise and all the professionals in court will simply do their jobs as if it were real. The jury will be free to deliberate as they wish and reach their own verdict.

The ambition is to show viewers a world they rarely glimpse and understand as never before how the jury system operates. Using a fictional case allows cameras into a court as never before, but in all other respects the trial will be as authentic as possible.

As part of the trial we would like to involve police witness evidence from our fictional crime and investigation. Rather than cast actors to play police we are considering using real retired officers to bring a greater level of authenticity to proceedings. We are looking to speak to people from various backgrounds and levels of seniority within the police.

If you are interested in finding out more please reply with some basic details about yourself and your career, including your age and the area you live in, and we will give you a ring as soon as we can.

Lindsay Konieczny


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