Club Survey 2012

During March and April 2012 your club ran a survey to find out the views of our members. We asked some important questions to gain information which will assist us with taking the club forward over the next 5 years. We also invited non club members questions to ask what might encourage them to join HPLS. We offered some prizes for all those who completed the survey and the winners are shown below.

The response to the survey has been excellent. Over 1,650 HPLS members and over 250 non members responded. The full results of the survey can be viewed by clicking the links below. However a summary of the key findings are produced here for easy reference.

The responses showed that over 40% of current members polled joined our club in the last 2 years since 2010 when we commenced changes to the club, however only 16% of our membership joined up during the 5 year period before that from 2005-2010. This confirms what we thought regarding falling member numbers prior to changes being made and the positive effect we have experienced since 2010. While we cannot be sure of numbers from this we can assume that had we not made the changes, our numbers would now be down to less than half what we have now given the staff losses that we have experienced.

Members were asked why they joined HPLS. More than one choice could be made. The response percent was;
Sports Participation - 38.1%
Member benefits offered by the Force Club - 73.1%
Social events - 35.8%
Branch Club activity - 13.8%
Make new friends - 3.5%
Other - 5.9%

Members were asked what they would like to participate in? The highest responses were given as subsidised tickets, local retail discounts, Restaurant discounts, national retail schemes, Holiday discounts and motoring and travel benefits.

Over 81% of members said that they were aware of more benefits being offered over the past 18 months. 93% said they were aware of receiving HPLS updates by email from HPLS.

62% of members were aware of what their branch club was offering with remainder being unsure of unaware. 53% said they had received updates with the other half split between saying they didnt receive communication or were unsure. These results are no surprise given that some branch clubs have been fairly inactive over previous years.

As far as the preferred method of receiving updates, email to their work address was the top choice at 95% with 32% choosing home email and responses in much lower numbers choosing other methods including Facebook and Twitter.

Over 91% of members stated that they had viewed the club website

Members were asked if they would be willing to assist in helping to organise club events. 12% said yes with 27% saying maybe. This is quite encouraging and exceeded our expectation!

66% of members said that they were aware that the Force Lottery is now drawn every fortnight with 30% saying that they were not. This is an area where increased marketing will be carried out. For only 94p a week there are now big prizes to be won and we want all staff to be aware.

78% stated that they knew about our Amazon shop link and 96% saying that they would or probably would use this when buying goods in order to support our club and local children's charities. Again this is good but we need the remaining 22% to be aware.

We asked members how satisfied or otherwise they are with the direction that our club is taking. 92% said that they are satisfied with only 0.5% stating dissatisfaction. This is excellent feedback from members, however given that the result is almost identical to the single question survey carried out in 2010 seeking approval for the changes, we are not surprised by this high figure of approval.

31% of non members stated that they considering joining HPLS with a further 53% unsure. Only 15% thought that they would not. This is obviously very encouraging! There is a big opportunity for us to convince those currently not members to join our club.

Some questions were also answered with free text and this data will be considered over the coming weeks. The findings from this survey are very encouraging. It supports the view of the Force Committee that we are moving in the right direction. Of course our rate of new members joining us over the past 2 years has strongly indicated that we were doing things about right, however this data will help us ensure that we provide more of what our members want us to provide.

Full survey results click to download
Members Survey Results
Non Member Results