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You could be forgiven in thinking that just keeping fit is not a sport, however there are many different types of fitness activities that are considered to be a sport and clubs exist to support this and competitions are organized for those who wish to take part. Crossfit is one such example which is taking off in popularity across the UK. More about this can be found HERE.

There is a new force sports section which is based around fitness and principles of CrossFit which is looking for new members to get involved. The PSUK are considering whether to make Crossfit an authorized police sport event as well.

To kick off this new initiative there is will be the first Police Fitness Competition as shown below. For information on this and future activities please contact 

Welcome to the sport of fitness! 

Do you like to go to the gym, run, bike or just keep active? Do you want a new challenge? We are looking for the fittest pairs in Hampshire and TVP; this can be male, female or mixed pairs. You have the opportunity to take part in a fun day consisting of a great atmosphere and 4 workouts throughout the day. The first workout is released on the Poster, so if you don’t think you are capable of taking part then have a look? All the workouts will be achievable no matter your level of fitness and we are happy to make adjustments for injuries/ limitations. It will test your teamwork, fitness and provide you with a great atmosphere whilst doing it. 

The money raised from the competition will look to buy new kit for Netley gym to support the Police Crossfit Club and preparing their members for upcoming competitions. If you enjoy this competition then you should consider joining and seeing how far you can push yourself. 

On the day there will be an exhibition from Kelly Friel who is the 2nd fittest woman in the world (40-44 year old category); she is an inspiration and shows that age is not a barrier to fitness. It will also show you what you can learn if you wanted to pursue your fitness goals; from olympic lifting to gymnastic skills such as handstand walking. 

So find a partner to compete with or if you can’t then contact me and I will match you with another person who is interested in participating. 

Get in touch… Leigh Walker