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Team Weight Loss Challenge 2020!
Sign up your team between January 6th to 12th to take part in our work based weight loss challenge. Shedding unwanted pounds in a group can be an effective way to improve your health as well as having a bit of fun.  You might even win some nice prizes as well? The challenge will run again in January. More details can be found HERE.

Did you know that around a third of the population would have had some kind of health, fitness or weight-loss personal resolution’s set in the new year according to the stats people, although that can’t be that far off we think. HPLS have it as one of our main objectives to assist in improving and maintaining the well-being of our members and we want to do everything we can to support any health related goals that you have now or any time in the future. We have corporate gyms deals across the county which are listed on our Offers website. If you don’t see the one you are after please ask. Most will work with us on providing better rates for our members. Most will provide a free try out before you commit.   If you didn’t know the force have a number of new gyms either opened now or earmarked for future provision. These are free for members to use subject to access restrictions for the buildings. 

If you want to just get more active and take up walking or running, however perhaps do not want to do this on your own, have you thought about looking for local groups to join in with? You would not be alone in that, so we can help you set up a new group by listing contacts to start off a jogging group for example? Have you heard of Couch-2-5K? This initiative has been very useful in helping inactive people get going over a simple 9 week programme ending up with completing a 5k circuit. Not a race! Just an achievement. Why not join others in that quest? Let us know if you are willing to start something off? More info on ‘C25K’ can be found HERE. Walking or cycling groups could also be a great way to improve fitness and socialise with new people, so again if you want to set something up locally we will try to assist. Social cycling is growing quickly. This website can help you find local rides HERE. Here is a good website for finding local running groups 

For those a little more keen or active please consider getting involved in any of our sports sections. We are always looking for newbies to come forward and contrary to what many think you do not have to be an athlete, just keen to be a team player. Our sports are listed from the top menu on 

Want to try something new this year? We are currently working on some new taster days for a number of activities this year and we will advertise these when finalised. Remember police sport is only one area of activity promotion that we support! If you didn’t know by now we have some great group golf membership schemes at some of our best golf clubs providing 7 day access at a fraction of the normal cost. Alresford is our latest scheme. You can join with a playing partner as well. All of our clubs have tuition available, so you can start as a beginner. Any golfer will tell you the exercise on a round of 18 holes is nothing to be sniffed at! We have an active force section and some local societies as well. Call us if you want more information or email 

Are you already planning something in the way of a sporting or endurance challenge either on your own or as a group for 2018? If so please let us know. We would like to raise awareness of what our members are getting up to and a new area on our website will be dedicated to this. Links to sponsorship pages and stories and photos can be included. Don’t be shy, be proud! If you are doing this as a staff group of members we may be able to support you in other ways. 
Click HERE for more info.

Thought about ditching the car to get to work and cycle instead? Cycles are such good value these days and you don't have to spend anything like a fortune to get a decent bike. Electric bikes are growing in popularity and there is good reason for that. Prices have come down drastically over the past year and electro pedal power can be a great way to get around and keep fit. 

As always if you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can help support our members please let us know. We can’t always say yes but we love new ideas put forward on anything! 

General advice on exercise for adults HERE

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Want a free HPLS sports drinking bottle? Just ask by email and we will send one out via internal mail. Keep yourself hydrated!