Global Challenge Grant FAQ's

Why are you offering this grant?
R= HPLS support the force's health and wellbeing agenda and we believe like the Southampton Police Club Trust Fund that this initiative fits well into this.

Am I safe to buy one now? What if the grant runs out?
R= Unless you see otherwise you are safe to buy now. If the funding runs out this website will state that is the case.

I already have a Fitbit / Garmin. Can I buy one for my partner under this grant?
R= The criteria is quite specific. This grant is for the staff member only to support their activity under the Global Challenge. To buy for anyone else would not only constitute a breach of the force's ethics code, but also may amount to a criminal offence. Please don't even think about it.

If I claimed last year, can I claim again this time?
R= No sorry, this is a once only rebate.

If I am NOT a member of HPLS what can I claim?
R= You can claim 50% of the purchase price up to a maximum of £50. If you are a member you can claim up to an additional £25 (Max £75).

Can I join HPLS now and make a claim?
R= Yes you can but please be aware that membership for HPLS is a minimum of 12 months. We hope that you will see the benefits of membership and stay beyond the 12 months of course!

Where is the best place to buy a device?
Shop around is our advice, but if buying from Amazon who tend to be as cheap as anyone, then PLEASE use our link and 5% of the price will go to our children's charities. Its only an extra initial click HERE.

Do we not get a device anyway when we sign up for the Global Challenge?
R= Correct you do but this is a basic device and does not inform you about heart rate and sleep patterns which we believe are useful. It is perfectly good enough to record your activity, but if you want the additional functionality that a wearable device can offer then you may wish to upgrade under this scheme.

Further questions being added as we get asked..