Holiday Home - Pets

Thank you for letting us know that you are intending to take your pet with you. We will assume that this is a dog as we can’t imagine any other sorts of pets being taken, but please let us know if we have that wrong! 
Our Moonstone home is pet friendly, however by this we mean house trained adult dogs are permitted to be taken and can stay inside the property subject to the following; 
  • Puppies or non-house trained dogs are not permitted in the holiday home under any circumstances. 
  • Dogs are restricted at all times to staying within the lounge area and are not permitted in any bedrooms. Do not allow your dog to sit or lay on the lounge seating. It is extremely important that dogs are not allowed access to the bedrooms and on any bedding. Non pet owners also use this home.
  • Dogs are not permitted to be left on their own at any time within the holiday stay. When you go out the dog goes with you. 
  • If your dog uses a particular pet-bed then please take this with you and place this in the lounge area. There is a small and medium sized pet-bed available to use but this will still need your own pets soft blanket or similar to use with it. 
  • Dogs should be cleaned off before being allowed back in the holiday home. There is an external tap and spray head available for this purpose and an outside box for storing pet drying off towels. 
  • Please do not allow your dog to roam the site at any time. Dogs should be on a lead at all times when on site. 

Should any damage occur to any of the fixings or contents, owners will be responsible for the repair costs. 

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Please ensure these requirements are complied with. We do not charge additional fees for taking animals like most other holiday parks do.  when cleaning the property on departure please ensure that there is no trace whatsoever of a dog having been resident.
We are sure as a responsible dog owner you can understand the need for making these points clear to ensure that our holiday home is maintained in good order and to be fair to the non-dog owners that will be using this home. 
Tel: 02380 479585