Hantspol ID Card Policy

All staff should expect to display their Warrant, Identity card or Designation Card whilst on duty for identification purposes, unless there are exceptional circumstances to not do so.  For police officers, this would include where to do so may present a risk to them, for example Test Purchase Operatives or those involved in covert operations or surveillance.  These cases should be risk assessed and authorisation gained in advance.  Police Officers and Special Constables are not required to carry their Warrant card whilst off duty. Consideration must be given to the consequence of producing your Warrant Card whilst off duty, especially in circumstances where the consumption of alcohol is concerned.

Whilst on police premises all non-uniformed staff, workers, visitors and contractors are required to visibly wear the correct Force Warrant or Identity Card for identification purposes and Force security.

To minimise breaches of security staff should challenge any individual not showing visible identification who are entering police premises.  On being challenged, if a person is unable to produce a Warrant, Identity or Visitors Card, they must be escorted to reception of the premise.  Unauthorised access must be reported to the Information Assurance Advisor as a potential breach of Force Security.