Isle of Wight

The following message results from a recent meeting between the IOW Committee and HPLS where we discussed the future of how the IOW club is going to be managed in the future. 

You should hopefully be aware that since 2011 you have been a member primarily of HPLS (The Force Club) with an additional membership (no extra cost) of a branch club in this case the IOW S&SC. Due to a lack of volunteers willing to take on the responsibility of managing the IOW Branch Club going forward, the administration of local IOW S&SC events will pass to the 'central club' HPLS in the same way has happened for the five other branch club committees that have ceased to operate for similar reasons since 2011. What does this mean? Fortunately not much as far as IOW members are concerned and things should carry on in a similar way as they have done. The only real difference is that funding for locally arranged events and activities can come direct from HPLS rather than via the IOW branch club.  

All IOW members of HPLS will continue to receive membership benefits, in fact HPLS will be embarking on a project to enhance the benefits available to all IOW members over the coming year and we hope that you will notice the difference. HPLS will be making contact with the individual orgnaisers of existing IOW activities with a view to working together to support these in the future. Likewise if any IOW member wishes to organise any sports or social club event HPLS will be more than happy to discuss how this can be funded and promoted.  

If you have any questions or concerns about this then please speak to either Roger Whitewick, Pete Baggot or Dave Moore at HPLS.

Questions we think you might be asking?

Q- Will I still be a member of the Sports and Social and will it cost me any more?
A= Yes you will stay a member of HPLS as you have been for the last 5 years and no it won't cost you any more! Only £3 a month which is less than the subs were in 2010 and still a lot less than the average pint of beer.

Q- Will the same activities be carrying on once HPLS have taken over the administration?
A= Yes so long as we have a local volunteer to run it then we will look to fund and promote the activity or event and will also be looking to offer funding for any new ides which come forward.  The arrangements for funding and administration may need to be adjusted to fall in line with the rest of the force club but essentially HPLS will look to support IOW members in the best way possible.

Q- Will we still be able to access the discounts and other benefits available through HPLS including the discounted ferry crossings?
A= Yes of course, nothing changes with that at all. In fact we want to look for a much wider range of deals for IOW members going forward as we are aware that some of you may feel a little cut off by that narrow stretch of water!

Q- Is the IOW One Card Gym discount carrying on?
A= Yes it is and will be administered by HPLS as it has always been.

Q- Will there still be the £10 Christmas Party rebate for IOW members?
A= This can still be applied for by submitting a request to the SPCTF to support your Christmas function in a similar fashion and the level of funding will be similar to what you have been receiving.  This fund was set up many years ago from the sale of the old Hulse Road Club and secured exactly for funding such things.  Form to apply can be downloaded below. (Click blue down arrow)

Q- Any difference to how I buy discounted theatre, cinema and days out tickets?
A= No, In exactly the same way as now, via

Existing activities;

Kayak Equipment
The club has a number of Kayaks for use by members based at East Cowes (contact Nicky Wilson - HPLS Netley) 471-1201

Fishing Section
There is a Freshwater and Sea fishing section with access to a variety of sites on the island (Contact Nigel GORE- East Side TPT)

Sports- Golf Section
Sport is also supported locally by the club with an active golf society.