New Activity & Fitness Subsidy

HPLS are trying to find new ways to support our members to get and keep fit and healthy. The benefits to you, your family and also our organisations we work for are pretty obvious! We offer many ways to support the wellbeing strategy, however we would like to focus in on some specific activities where we believe our members can benefit from by getting involved and if kept up, will hopefully start to change our members lifestyle choices.
We have set up a fund where we can allocate a small subsidy to certain new activities which members can self arrange and then apply for rebate of up to 50% (Max £18) to help reduce the costs. These activities include signing up to one of the following;
  • Fun run, cross country, obstacle race or cycling event
  • One off aerobic, yoga or pilates course
  • Slimming course (Recognised method online or class attendance)
  • Course in healthy eating such as a college evening class
  • Dance classes of any type
  • Other introductory fitness or well-being courses or activity
  • Purchase of a wearable fitness tracker*
Conditions are: max subsidy of £18 for a new activity for the member. One claim per year. Where these activities are already included in an existing gym or health club memberships these are excluded. Activities that would normally be subsidised by a force sports sections are excluded. *Fitness tracker subsidy only available to members participating in the weight-loss challenge and not claimed by anyone who claimed under the 2018/19 Global Challenges.

Claim must be made using the form HERE and be accompanied by a receipt emailed to
Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash