Lottery FAQ's

We often get asked the same questions about the Force Lottery, so if you have any of the same or similar questions the below may help to explain.

Q - Can I know what my allocated numbers are?
R - Yes you can, however they will not mean much to you as we check the winning numbers and notify members. You don't have to do anything other than keep your fingers crossed and await a phone call or an email should you win.

Q - How are the numbers drawn?
R - Twice a month a series of numbers are drawn using unique values between the first and last allocated chances contained within our lottery database. This is done using a 'random number generator' and is carried out by the Lottery Administrator and the HPLS Manager.  These numbers are then checked against the lottery database to reveal the lucky winners.  It's simple, but it works.

Q - I have been in the lottery a long time now and never won. Am I just very unlucky?
R - A lottery is by nature a random process and the fact is, like any other draw of any kind, you may not ever win. It wouldn't be a lottery if anything else was the case. Conversely you can win within a short time of joining.  
However many members do win every draw and you can only win if you are in it! Of course your chance of winning is greatly increased the more chances that you have.  It really is the luck of the draw!

Q - What are my chances of winning a prize?
R - This is not a simple question to answer and will depend on various factors, the most important being how many chances that you have entered each draw. Most lotteries pay out 50% or even less of the prize fund, however our draw pays over 70% of funds which is near the maximum that we can pay according to the regulations.  We have 30 winners plus additional bonus winners every month with a minimum prize of £100.  What we can say is that your chance of winning a meaningful cash prize is far greater in our draw than it could ever be in the National Lottery.

Q - Can I win more than once?
R - Yes of course and many members do win more than once.

Q - I know someone at my station who has won quite a few times and I have never won?
R - Yes this can happen and does. Often this is because the person you are referring to may have a much higher number of chances in the draw than you do which will of course increase their chances.

Q - Can I just buy a ticket when I want to?
R - No our draw works differently to Lotteries like the National Lottery or Health Lottery.  Deductions are taken from payroll, pension or standing order. This takes time to set up and for the Lottery Administrator to include within the database. For this reason we ask that you give a commitment of at least 12 months to the Force Lottery unless of course that you leave the organisation.

Q - What does the Lottery support?
Any proceeds from the draw is invested back into HPLS to ensure that administration costs and running expenses are covered.  This allows our staff to maintain an excellent level of service to our members.

Q - Can I join the Force Lottery without being a member of HPLS?
R - Yes, although we manage it there is no condition of prior HPLS membership.

Q - Can I reduce my monthly stakes amount?
R - Yes of course. Just ask by email and this can be facilitated.

Q - If I ever want to leave the Lottery how can I do so?
R - All you need do is ask us by email, but we really hope that you stay with us.

Any more questions?
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