Latest Winners

Draw 14/5/2019 (May #1)

£1200 - C Cragg
£700 - A Steele
£400 - R Kilgallon
£100 - W Sherring
£100 - J Doswell
£100 - M Buckle
£100 - C Jerrard
£100 - L Barrett
£100 - A Dolan
£100 - S Reynolds
£100 - P North
£100 - J Walker
£100 - P Chalke
£100 - K Innes
£100 - K Roberts
Bonus prize - Moto G4 - J Jordan

Draw 30/5/2019 (May #2)

£1200 -
£700 - 
£400 - 
£100 - 
£100 - 
£100 - 
£100 -
£100 -
£100 - 
£100 - 
£100 - 
£100 - 
£100 -
£100 - 
£100 - 

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The Force Lottery is open to serving and retired Hantspol staff, TVP joint staff, specials and volunteer workers and all members of HPLS.

Station codes and other personal details are no longer shown under data protection restrictions. Winners have been notified via work email or home email for retired staff.  If you think you may be one of the above and have not received an email, it probably isn't you but by all means send us an email

Numbers are drawn using a random number generator, checked by HPLS and winners notified by email or phone immediately after the draw.

Next draw coming on 30.5.2019 - May #2 Draw
(Plus another draw on 15.6.19 - June #1)

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The new release Motorola Moto G7 6.24" Android 9 Dual Sim mobile unlocked phone. Just swap over your existing sim card (contract or sim only) for immediate use with this fab new phone. (May #1 draw)
Alternative cash prize offered

The ultimate in Bluetooth hi-fi will be landing in someone's house this spring! It's the Marshall Woburn speaker with sound like you would normally associate with top end equipment, this monster will revive your record and CD collection just a bit. Styled on Marshall's legendary stage amps it will also be a nice talking point when your friend pops in for a coffee. They will be quite 'Jel' no doubt and if not just throw into conversation that if they want one they will have to part with the best part of £350! (June #1 draw)
Alternative cash prize offered

The iPad Pro 11.6" 256gb in space grey finish. The daddy of all tablets capable of almost anything a PC can do. Value £880! One lucky winner should they choose to accept it, will be having much fun with this. (July #2 draw)
Alternative cash prize offered

Please note non cash prizes may be subject to change according to availability. For some items a cash alternative prize may be offered which will be of a lesser value than the bonus prize. Notifications will be made by email following the draw being made.

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