Music, Theatre & Shows

We buy tickets in group numbers for selected shows to get discounted prices and then we further subsidise them to offer a great deal for members. We usually buy the best seats as well so you can really enjoy a memorable night. These tickets are for subscribing members only and guests where tickets are available. Future shows are listed below, however you need to order tickets via There is a limit to how many shows that we can do because they cost us money and take a lot of time to organise, but we do the shows that we think have wide appeal. Please do not buy tickets for non members to use unless buying guest tickets for someone attending the show with you.  Some shows have a strict limit on the number of tickets per member.
Members listed with Eastern and Western Branch Clubs may be able to access the same shows or alternative shows on different nights if they are running them. Details will be circulated to those members.  Prices may vary depending on the seats they have available. HPLS seats are usually the best available unless stated.

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