Money Saving Ideas

Fools and their money are soon parted!
We want our members to save money wherever they can which is why we are continually working to add new offers
and benefit schemes to our offers website.  Most of these are not available to the general masses, however some are
but if you don't know about these things you can't use them can you?

Wherever we find something good we will place it here as a reminder of how to not spend where you don't have to.
You are more than welcome to tell us about any ideas that you have as well that others may find useful.

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Firstly one of your biggest outlays will be your utility bills. So many never check to see if they are paying more than they need to. It is simple to do. Just get your bills for the last year and click the link HERE. Fill in your details and swap supplier if you can get a better deal! Save £££'s!!

Although water is one of the utilities you don't have any choice in supplier. However you can take steps to reduce your bill by taking some fairly basic steps and changes to practices. If you have a water meter and are not careful your bill can end up a bit of a nightmare!
Click HERE for some advice on reducing your bill.

One of our biggest bills is car fuel and yet many of us do not check for the best place to get it.
It may pay to swap your usual garage for a cheaper one. Try signing up HERE to check for where it is cheapest for you. There are other ways to reduce your bill as well!  Click HERE to see how.

Mobile phones can cost us a small fortune if we are not careful! Think about your contract and how much data and texts that you actually need as many are paying well above what is needed. Think about whether you could be best served with a SIM only contract (compare HERE) which can cost a fraction of a normal contract. Just have your own phone to use. If you want a contract with Vodafone, EE or O2 then use our HPLS deals and save yourself big bucks on your monthly bills!

One of the easiest things to do is to keep paying your car insurance renewal every time the bill drops through the door. The chances are that your insurance company are ripping you off for your loyalty. Do a quick and easy comparison HERE. It is highly probable you will make a big saving.

If you use credit cards you could well be spending more than you need to. Try the link below to make a comparison on what charges your card is making. You could do well to switch cards and transfer your balance as well. Remember loyalty to one provider will invariably give you nothing!  Click HERE to compare.

How long have you been with your bank? Ever thought of changing current account? With some great deals out there now is the time to look. It is now very easy to swap with banks having to do it all for you easily and quickly. Check for the best deals HERE and don't be afraid to swap!

It may sound such an obvious thing to say but having a budget and a clear handle on what you spend each month can save you a pile of cash simply because you will be thinking about what you buy and how much you commit to it.  Ask yourself can I afford it? Do I really need it? Will I use it? Can I live without it?  If it passes this test then fill your boots!  Money Saving Expert has some excellent advice on all things to save cash. The website is HERE   Budget tool can be found HERE.

Home insurance is another annual bill that many blindly renew. Quotes can vary hugely plus many now come with some great add on benefits such as Home Emergency cover.
Compare now HERE

Most of us love our music, however the cost of enjoying it can vary greatly depending on how you buy it. If you still buy CD's then compare prices on Amazon first HERE. If you download your music there are hundreds of cheaper alternative legal download sites to choose from. Search HERE

Where do you keep your hard earned savings? Are you getting the best rate on it? You could be losing quite a bit of interest even though rates are low currently, your savings account may be paying next to nothing when you could be getting at least something! Check HERE for the best rates!

Have you unwanted stuff around the house that you never use? Try turning it back into cash by selling it on Gumtree or Ebay. It is so easy to do this however many people are put off as they think it is difficult. It is easy! You can then use that money to enjoy in other ways. You might be surprised what some items can fetch. Remember the buyer pays the postage and listing is normally free now so you can't really lose. Read the guide HERE if you are unsure. When you have a clear out add an Ebay pile to your disposal options.