Phone Deals

HPLS are working with partners to provide some great deals on mobile phones deals which are saving hundreds of members some serious money every month.

New EE Partners discount scheme is being released by EE very shortly..
Watch this space.

Some excellent deals on EE can be found at Voice Mobile. We have been working with Voice for some time and we are confident that you will save money if you are upgrading or buying a new phone.

Voice Mobile have a strong relationship with the police that spans back over 21 years and have supplied over 110,000 mobile phones in that period to the police. Their offers are also available to friends and family.

Benefits of Voice Mobile and EE

- Huge savings compared to EE direct
- 24 month handset warranty*
- Free WiFi Calling**
- Double speed 4G*
- Free WiFi on London Underground
- Free EU roaming calls and texts*
- 99% UK 3G coverage and 80% UK 4G coverage
- Police charity donation with all orders

*Extra benefits dependent on tariff selected
** Depending on handset selected.

For further information, or to buy:
Call 0121 748 8467 from a mobile or 0800 0520 999 from a landline quoting: HAMPSHIRE POLICE SPORTS CLUB
Alternatively, please visit and enter SPORTS CLUB in the ‘organisation name’ field at the checkout.

*Savings and benefits compared to EE website correct at time of publication

The 4G network with EE is well in advance of its 4G network competitors and is benefitting throughout Hampshire including Southampton, Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Gosport, Fareham, Eastleigh, Totton, Hythe and a lot of areas in between. No better network!

Go to or you can call 0800 0520 999 or 0121 748 8467 (mobile friendly).
*Prices correct as of 29/7/2014. Prices will change over time.

Don't commit to a new phone deal until you have looked at HPLS deals!
You know it makes sense!

HPLS are working with Vodafone to provide members with a great deal off your line rental package each month. This can amount to a saving of anything up to £10 a month for some phones.

30% off applies to SIMO deals and 15% applies to contracts where a phone has been purchased. A £10 connection fee is charged for each discount applied.

To get this discount just upgrade or buy new as normal through a Vodafone shop or easier still online via the Vodafone website and then within 30 days claim your discount through Police Perkz.  You will then keep that discount for as long as keep that contract after which you can re-apply again.

HPLS members (serving retired staff only) can also enjoy a fantastic discount with O2 on any of their Refresh packages taken out on new phones or upgrades. 25% off the line rental part of the bill will be applied if you apply through HPLS.
This can amount to a sizable saving each month!
Different to the Vodafone deal, don't buy your phone first, make the purchase / upgrade through our dedicated number.

Apply through HPLS Offers