HPLS are working in partnership with Prudential Financial to help members to access help and advice for financial matters for both pre and post retirement.  Prudential are a long proven and trusted household name where financial services are concerned and we are pleased to be working with them.

We are hosting a free '5 Key Pensions Considerations' Seminar on Monday 27th June 2016 at 1100 and 1400 hours in the Lecture Theatre at Netley. 

If you would like to attend please email and state which seminar you would like to attend.

Our local Prudential advisors are also available for a free one to one initial meeting to discuss your future financial arrangements by contacting below;

Paul Clayton Dip PFS
Partner Prudential Financial Planning
Email:    Mobile: 07795 977084

Your invite to the '5 Key Pension Considerations' Seminar
Prudential Financial Planning in association with Hampshire Police Leisure and Sports Club
If you are within 10 years of taking your police pension, now is the time to start thinking about your retirement and ensuring you have the right plans in place.
One of our advisers will be hosting a free seminar at the Lecture Theatre, Support and Training Headquarters on 27 June at 11am or 2pm, covering the different options available to you in the crucial period during the run up to your retirement.
The seminar will give you information on the options you have with the police pension and how to help grow your income, by focusing on 5 key areas:
  1. The new pension freedoms and the different options available from your pension fund, both from your police pension and any other pensions you may already have or are planning to have
  2. How to maximise your pension funds to help achieve the lifestyle you want in retirement
  3. With Bank and Building Society savings rates so low we'll cover some alternative options to help grow your money for retirement
  4. Protection – looking at ways to reduce the financial burden on your family in the event of death or serious illness
  5. Estate Planning – covering some steps you can take to help reduce your Inheritance Tax bill  
 You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and also book a one-to-one meeting at a time and location convenient to you. Our advisers are qualified in financial planning and advise on a range of products from Prudential and other carefully selected providers. This is known as a restricted advice service.

The seminar is a great opportunity to help you plan for a more secure future and is particularly important for those with 10 years or less to retiring from the police.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Prudential Financial Planning