Retail and Wholesale Shopping

HPLS offer can offer members a wide range of money saving opportunities in retail and wholesale shopping both in-store and online.

Examples of what is on offer is shown on the right side of this page. Have a look now.

We spend hundreds and thousands each year with our shopping bills. There are some serious savings to be made, however this does require a small amount of effort to achieve this. Once you are in the frame of mind of 'do I have to pay the full price for this'? you will soon be able to seek out the best deals and over the course of the year make substantial savings!

We offer a range of retail shopping cards which allow you to effectively buy cash at a discount to then spend in the normal way. You therefore make the saving before you pay for your goods. This just requires you to buy a card and preload it with money and then use it instead of your bank cards. Not that difficult! The average family can save around £200 a year and that is without trying that hard. Apply for your cards through HPLS Offers.


HPLS membership also allows shopping at wholesale outlets Booker by using our registration process and Costco by a rebated membership fee discount. More details from HPLS Offers.

The average annual family food and drink shopping spend is £4300
If you can save around 5% of that then you can save £215!

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