Sports Awards & Recognition

The 'Awards and Recognition' programme has been initiated by HPLS to both identify where our members have excelled in any area of sport, outdoor pursuits, personal / team endurance challenges, community sports activities or fund raising etc and where appropriate recognise this success.
Members can be nominated by others or can even let us know themselves what they have done. We don't see anything wrong in 'blowing one's own trumpet' if you have worked really hard to achieve something that is worthy of being recognised and if we are not told we simply won't know about it!
For example have you or someone you know;
  • Achieved at a top level in any sport? PSUK or community?
  • Run the London Marathon or similar?
  • Taken part in any endurance challenge on your own or part of a team?
  • Organised or have been key to the success of any sport charitable event?
  • Received a sporting achievement award from an outside body?
We would like to highlight the achievements of members on our website for everyone to see.  Any awards made will be decided by the HPLS Executive Committee.  Recipients may be invited to the AGM for presentation. 

Initially please contact HPLS by email to  

Please note that this programme is in place to recognise members achievements whilst away from the workplace.  It is part of our overall objective of promoting the health, fitness and wellbeing of our members and the activities and opportunities provided by our club.  The recognition of work related activities, community / charity projects and acts of bravery are dealt with outside of this programme by the force and other organisations.  In some circumstances HPLS can support our members with their individual or team challenges. More info HERE.

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