Sewing Bee Club

Please contact Kirsty Wilson on 71-1228 or via email  to register your interest. 

The HC Sewing Bee! With HPLS

Always fancied a go at sewing with a machine!?

Have a machine, but never the space/time to sit down and use it….

The HC SEWING BEE is coming soon!

For like minded sewing enthusiasts from complete beginner to expert to meet up and sew either own projects or organised projects in a fun environment with no distractions that get in the way (such as home!) of spending some quality time with your machine.  Once a month meetings on a Saturday morning at Netley Southern Support & Training HQ.  No commitment apart from pre-booking and payment of a deposit if you require materials.

Two types of session will be available.

Work on Own Project     £2.50

You provide the machine, fabric and your project.  We provide the venue, 3 hours of uninterrupted time and the support/advice of other sewing fanatics.  Failing that we shall just ooo and ahhh as your project takes shape.  Tea/Coffee provided.

Work on a Joint project £10-£12.50 (depending on materials/project)

Project will be provided, together with the fabric to create something fabulous to impress those you know!  This will range from bunting to bags to cushion covers.  We shall laugh together and probably swear together trying to make head and tail of our group project.  Tea/Coffee provided.  (£5 deposit required upon booking)

If you have always fancied having a go at sewing we will have a couple of spare machines for you to have a play on.

Initial projects will include;


Tote Bag

Door Stops


Envelope Cushion Cover

Union Jack Cushion Cover

Freestyle embroidered lingerie bag.

Please contact Kirsty Wilson on 71-1228 or via email  to register your interest.