Solent Hotel Spa & Gym

The Solent Hotel Spa & Gym is a premium leisure facility at Whiteley within easy travelling off the M27 and surrounding communities. The facilities on offer are a newly refurbished state of the art ‘Technogym’, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam, spa treatments, restaurant, relaxation gardens, group fitness classes, free tea, coffee and towels to members.

HPLS members and family already have a corporate rate, however we would like to be able to offer a better rate for our members to enjoy and we can do this if we have sufficient interest. Existing members of the SH S&G can switch to this new rate. The target rate is £56 per month (Peak) to include all facilities and classes (normal public rate is £77 per month) which would save £21 per month on standard fees, £16 on our standard corporate rate with classes or £9 over existing rates excluding classes. Off peak (7.30am to 5.30pm Mon - Fri) would be £46.40 per month). To achieve this we need 20 members to sign up to either a peak or off peak membership. Existing members can re-join under this and you can join with a partner as well.  Like any membership the more you use it the cheaper it works out, however as an example if you average only 3 visits a week that is only £4.30 a visit! You would probably have that in free coffee!  More visits = even cheaper. The public day rate is £25!  We would aim to start this around September 2019.

If you would like to join up then please click HERE and register your interest.

Want a free 7 day pass to test out the facilities? Email 

More info can be found via the Solent Hotel website HERE

Membership Includes

  • Comprehensive range of all-inclusive wellness and activity classes
  • Complimentary Lifestyle consultations and exercise programmes tailored to individual requirements
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Regular activities and social events for all ages
  • Use of other Thwaites Hotels Spas throughout the country, by prior arrangement
  • Free WiFi access in the hotel via your laptop
  • Complimentary towel each visit
  • Complimentary hot drinks
  • 25% discount on food, drinks and accommodation at Thwaites Hotels throughout the UK (hotel membership bolt on only – terms and conditions apply)
  • Personal training*
  • Sports therapy*

*fees apply