Squash & Racketball

Fancy Playing Racketball?

If you have ever played tennis or badminton you will be able to play racketball! It is similar to squash but uses a bouncier bigger ball which travels slower and allows much more time on the ball. It really is a game that anybody can easily pick up quickly and is great for keeping fit. 

More information from the Hampshire Racketball website HERE

The force Squash and Racketball section has been running since the mid 1970's, although Racketball is a recent addition due to the popularity and growth of the sport over the past few years.  The Hampshire team have been active in playing both PSUK and friendly events and have enjoyed much success in PSUK regional and national events.  

Annual events include the;
Force squash day and tournament (around Sept held at Winchester)
Regional individual competition (various locations in our region)
Regional team day (various locations in our region)
PSUK National individual championships (various UK venues)

The section are always looking for new players.  If you would like to participate please make contact with Ben Thomas at Southampton by e-mail.

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