Swimming & Water Polo

Hampshire swimmers can compete for the constabulary once a year at the PSUK Nationals, which are hosted by a different force each year, usually over the first weekend in April. About 200 competitors from all corners of the UK attend, including PSNI and Police Scotland. The Water Polo nationals are held during the same event and even though we don't have a team there are always opportunities to play in a scratch team or a 'south west' or 'south east' combined team. You do not have to play WP to compete in the swimming, or vice versa.

The GB Police team are selected from those attending but there is a wide range of abilities and it has a very relaxed atmosphere. The numbers from all teams are so much smaller these days that the competition is much less intimidating - perfect for trying it out for the first time, or the first time in a long time. Police staff are also more than welcome [I mention this only because it was only opened to police staff a couple of years ago].

We pay our own way, often travelling by force minibus (free of charge) and staying at a reasonably priced hotel close to the pool. Each race you enter costs £7. There is some subsidy from the Force Sports & Social Club; usually 50% of travel, entry fees, and accommodation for members of HPLS.

And for fun, there is always a black tie event on the last night. 
Contact Gemma Green by email. gemma.green@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

Winchester Swimming Club

New arrangements for Swimming Section

River Park Leisure Centre


Monday’s 6:35pm to 8pm (meet in reception at 6:30pmstarting Monday 30th September 2019.

We will be joining a quiet public session where there are three lanes available, slow, medium and fast for lane swimming or you can swim at your own pace in the other half of the pool.

Swimming hats are not required but obviously you can wear them if you prefer.

You will need a £1 coin for the lockers in the changing rooms.

The concessionary rate for HPLS members will be £3.25 or for those over 60 it will be £2.15 and juniors £2.20, this is to be paid at reception as you enter. The swimming section has provided River Park with a list of names of regular swimmers and others who come along on an occasional basis will need to have proof of HPLS membership card to get the concessionary rate.

There is plenty of parking which is free after 5pm.

If anyone has any questions they can contact myself or Brenda.

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