Support for Challenges

Are you considering organising a team outdoor sports or pursuit event, either as a club group activity, team building or charity fund raiser? In some cases we will consider individual challenges other than normal race entry fees. If so and providing you or all of your team members are subscribing members of HPLS, we will consider assisting with a contribution towards the entry costs.  This can also include the cost of having a team shirt printed up for the event. A force mini bus may be available as well.

You need to be a Hampshire Police participant or team and clearly entered as such or completing the challenge as a team representing HPLS and Hampshire Police.

Please request by completing this application for HERE

Previous examples of requests have been teams entered in the Tough Runner, long distance cycle runs and the Three Peaks Challenge, however we will consider anything that is a real challenge for the participants and demonstrates our members pushing the boundaries of normal endurance in the name of our organisation and club. If in doubt contact HPLS via