Team Weight Loss Challenge

Challenge completed for 2019 - Well done to Team Dust who lost nearly 20kg (team of 3) but one member didn't lose weight so 2 members lost 20 bags of sugar between them! Well done. 2020 Challenge news will be here in November.

There is never a bad time to think about shedding any unwanted pounds off our weight, but there is usually one particular time when a lot of us are motivated to do something to get leaner and more healthy and that is of course the new year. HPLS promote many ways for our members to keep fit and healthy and again in 2019 we are running the team 'weight loss challenge' which will run from January 7th until April 5th. 

Get together with your colleagues in your station or department and enter a team to be losers as well as winners!  Team's can be between 3 and 8 members. If there are more than 8 in your group that want to take part then just split the numbers down and enter more than one team.  The rules are quite simple and are shown below. Its free to enter and you might win some prizes as well? What have you got to lose? We'll let you be the judge of that!

Rules for the challenge;
1. Teams consist of between 3 and 8 participants*
2. Each team must have a person responsible for monitoring and reporting
3. The initial weigh-in should take place between the 7th and 15th of January
4. The final weigh-in must take place prior to 5th April 2019
5. An independent witness not taking part must countersign each weigh-in
6. The weigh-in should be in normal clothes, no shoes, empty pockets
7. Progress weigh-ins should take place every 2 weeks (team monitoring only)
8. Only two submissions are made, the initial registration and final weigh-in
9. Weight loss is calculated as a total % lost by the team overall
10. Weight is measured in metric kg only - same scales for both weigh-ins
11. All participants who start must also finish to qualify as winners
12. Record all information accurately! Remember our code of ethics :-)
14. Teams can go blind and have only the verifier knowing individual weights
15. Teams must register using the online form.  A record form can be downloaded below to use for both initial and final weigh in.

* Participants must be employees, specials or volunteers of Hantspol or joint working staff.

Need a steps counter for your phone? Click HERE for Google Fit or HERE for details of a tracker for Apple phones.

Don't have a fitness tracker and don't want to spend a fortune on one? Have a look at this one well reviewed watch Click HERE
Want to buy one? Weight challenge participants can claim up to £25 HERE




Register your team
Click HERE
Just complete the form and arrange your first group weigh-in. Easy.
Please consider the following if you entering the challenge; 
  • Remember this is about losing weight in a fun, but safe and healthy manner
  • Do not resort to extreme diet plans as they seldom work and may harm you
  • If you have any health issues seek medical advice first
  • By all means use trusted diet plans or health apps - they can help you!
  • Respect fellow team mates who may not want personal weights known in which case use the independent verifier to disclose only collective team weights and losses
  • Information submitted to HPLS is confidential and is not shared with anyone

We think it only right that the biggest losers should accept a small prize for their efforts and therefore all the team members in the team with the biggest overall percentage loss, will receive a £25 Amazon voucher each and a nice bottle of wine.  Runners up will get a night out for 2 at the cinema!** 

**Any staff member can participate however prizes will be restricted to HPLS members
Awards once claimed are awarded as decided by HPLS and are subject to change
Join up HERE at any time

 Visit our 'Get Active' advice page HERE
Useful tips for losing weight safely (NHS) Click HERE
12 Week weight loss plan (NHS) Click HERE
Remember our fitness grant is available HERE