Time Off For Sport

Dear Sports Sections, 
HPLS would like to remind all sports sections regarding the policy around taking duty time for force sport. The policy can be found in the Trove library under miscellaneous leave, however we are suggesting that the wording is amended to make it clearer as to what staff are entitled to and what they are not.

In the meantime we would like to clarify that time off for force sport is only permitted for official PSUK sanctioned competitions and at a rate of 50% duty time and 50% own time. We expect participants to wherever possible to adopt a flexible approach and request duty changes to facilitate availability to play and likewise we would ask line managers to assist with allowing this. 

Force sport only covers the time required to travel, play and attend any post-match presentation and refreshments. Any additional socialising or overnight stays that are not required due to finish times and distance, are to be taken in the staff members own time. Where matches are local to Hampshire it is expected that staff will either work before the match or return to work post-match if staff are rostered a later shift. The overriding principle is that time off for sport is not an entitlement, but a concession that may be granted only where line managers feel that it is appropriate subject to the exigencies of the service. The full list of PSUK approved sports and events can be found via the links below.



Requests for time off must go to the staff members line manager.

If you have any questions regarding police sport including duty time off for participating in police sport please contact either Dave Moore at HPLS or Insp Katherine Willoughby (Force PSUK Representative)