Will I get the week I want?

..or any week in fact?
It probably will not be a surprise that for some weeks requests will far outstrip the availability for our Swanage holiday lets.  This has been shown by the Federation's two holiday homes's that they have at Sandy Balls and other Police S&S Clubs who offer out their own holidays homes for low rates. Requests for school holiday weeks will be in particularly heavy demand.  You will of course have a far better chance of getting a week outside of school holidays, however we understand the problem that this creates for parents with kids at school.

Weeks for 2019 will be allocated on a ballot basis where more than one member requested the same week.  After which it will be first come first served on remaining free weeks.

We would like to suggest that by making a request you do not depend on getting it, but just view it as a possible option for a holiday and please look at other locations in the meantime.  We view this as a long term benefit (as we have a 20 year licence on these properties) where over the coming years most of our members who would like this sort of holiday, will be able to benefit from this.  Those who have been successful in getting a school holiday week will not be permitted to enter any ballot the following years, to give those who missed out a better chance next time. 

We do have a number of discounted deals with other holiday parks and are happy to make contact with any parks that we currently do not show on our website, in order to get a deal if we can.

Any questions? email hpls@live.co.uk