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PLEASE NOTE - In order for us to process a purchase of an ID wallet the email you provide must be an official work system email and you need to email HPLS seperately on immediately after purchase, informing us of your line manager for checking of entitlement where required. 

Premium quality black hide leather wallet with ID card slot and enamel inset Hantspol crest badge.

Dual use for personal money, bank cards and ID card. No need for two wallets.  Security flap for covering ID card when off duty. Manufactured by official police equipment supplier Toye Kenning and is a tested model used by UK police forces.  Currently two versions are available, the standard size and a slightly smaller compact version. Size 11cm x 8cm (compact 10.5 x 7.5cm) 


We have a limited number of a slightly more compact version of this ID wallet which is identical in every way except for being smaller in height and length. The badge and flap are the same dimensions. This will be OK for a single credit card but may be tight for more than one card which the standard size can accommodate.  

Please note that these wallets are for use by the following staff only;

PC's, PCSO's, Specials, Detectives and public facing front line staff where the role would make wearing a lanyard impractical. One purchase per staff member. Buyers ID will be verified before sale. Order only for yourself.  These will not be sold to anyone who cannot be verified as current serving staff.

Leather ID Wallet

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