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Charity Fund Raising

HPLS are unable to make any direct donation in cash or otherwise towards a charitable cause which includes prizes for raffles. 


However, if you are considering doing anything out of the ordinary to raise some money for a charity, HPLS may be able to make a small contribution towards helping you complete your challenge, as we appreciate that often putting yourself up for many of these tasks, whether it be a marathon, endurance cycle ride, mountain climb or many other types of physical activity or endurance, can often come with a cost to the individual.  


To qualify the team or individual should be entered in the name of Hantspol or HPLS and / or be clearly identified with a T shirt, bib or other identifying marks.  We also ask that you send us a picture of you and your team on your challenge for us to show other members.


Keeping with our objective to support the health and well being of our members we will consider some small level of support to assist.  This could be a donation towards a garment, fuel, entry fee or costs towards a specific piece of equipment for example.  Please do not make duplicate requests to HPLS and the Police Club Trust Fund.   


For more information email Apply for a subsidy HERE. Retrospective applications are not permitted.

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