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Data Protection

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) replace the existing DP legislation, which will place all organisations under an obligation to ensure that any personal information that is held is done so within the legal framework of GDPR.

HPLS is a non incorporated body, operating under a constitution and set of rules, to provide a beneficial service to its members and to support its parent organisation Hampshire Constabulary with supporting staff health and well-being. While HPLS sits in part within the data framework of Hantspol, we also strive to ensure that as a body, we operate locally within a safe, secure and compliant environment as far as any personal information that we hold in the course of our day to day business.


Privacy Statement - HPLS will only request personal information where it is necessary to process and manage its business and will only do so on the legal basis of full consent of our members, or by due process. Data is only held where required and on application from any member no longer wishing to be connected to HPLS, personal information will be deleted. We do not sell any personal data to external parties. We will only share data with a partner if required to operate a specific part of our business and only with the members permission. We do not use cookies on our webpages.

Any questions re data protection? Our revised data protection policy provides details of how we manage personal data. If you would like a copy to our policy please email us.

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