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Sub Aqua

Want to learn to scuba dive? Did you know there is a scuba diving club in Hampshire Constabulary? Hampshire Constabulary Sub-Aqua Club is part of BSAC (the British Sub-Aqua Club), the world's oldest and largest diving club, formed in 1953 and still going strong. BSAC is the National Governing Body representing SCUBA diving in the UK, and membership of the club opens doors to diving around the world.

Whether you are a complete novice who has never dived before, or looking to take your diving forwards, we have the  skills and knowledge to teach and train you.

If already qualified with another agency, we can provide a home for maintaining skills, buddies to dive with, and regular trips to various locations in the UK and abroad.

We run trips to inland sheltered sites, or shore dives and boat diving. We also dive regularly at Hornsea Lake in Portsmouth, and have access to the pool at HMS Temarare for teaching and training.

The entry level diving qualification is Ocean Diver; which qualifies you to dive to 20m, and opens a whole new world of exploration. Diving can be an expensive hobby, and we are partnering with HPLS to support the costs and make sure this is a sport accessible to all. Ocean Diver training consists of a number of Theory sessions to teach you about the physics and mechanics of diving, several pool sessions, and then moving to open water to put the skills into practice. 

If you want to know more please contact

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