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Monthly Photo Competition

The Hantspol monthly photo competition is open to all serving and retired staff (HPLS member or not).  Serving staff particpate through internal Sharepoint.  Retired staff can participate via a closed Facebook group ' Hantspol Retired Photo Group' where the winning photos will be shown each month. Entry for photos is via the Hantspol email address shown. The full rules can be shown below.

HPLS sponsor this competition with a monthly prize for the winning photo.

The competition opens for entries on July 1st 2023 up until 31st July and will run each month thereafter. 

Competition Rules

1. The competition is open to Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary employees and retired staff.

2. The competition opens on the first day of each month and it will close at midnight on the last day of each month.

3. One photo per person may be entered each month.

4. To enter your photo into the competition please send an email to: attaching your photo and telling us where the photo was taken.

5. Your image file must fulfil the following technical requirements:

  • a. The image needs to be in colour.

  • b. Format: JPEG.

  • c. No more than 10Mb

6. Other photo requirements:

  • a. Your photo(s) must be taken in Hampshire or the Isle of Wight.

  • b. It must EITHER feature police activity OR be an urban or rural image in the two force counties.

  • c. Your photo may include people, but EITHER they should not be identifiable OR if they are identifiable you must obtain the permission of any people featured in your photo or their parents/guardian if children under 16 are featured.

  • d. It may include animals, although photos of zoo animals or photos which focus on your domestic pets are not eligible.

  • e. Photos should not contain any material or images that are obscene, indecent, offensive, defamatory, unlawful or would be detrimental to the reputation / goodwill of HIOWC.


7. After the closing date, the photos will go forward to the internal judging panel.

8. The panel of judges will then pick a shortlist of 10 photos to add to Sharepoint and ask employees to vote for a favourite. Retired staff will not be able to participate in the voting as Sharepoint is an internal system.

9. We will publish all the winning photos on Sharepoint with the winners’ names. These will also be shared on the Hantspol Retired Photo Group (Closed group not viewable by the public)


10. Gift voucher for £25 face value. To claim you will need to be a subscribing member of HPLS or have applied to join. Non-members can still particpate in the competition.

11. Prizes are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


12. All photos must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any person or organisation;

13. You will retain copyright in any photos that you submit to the Competition.

14. By entering the competition, you grant to HIOWC, a non- exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, perpetual licence to use your photo and publish it on the force intranet (Sharepoint) and social media websites (such as Facebook and Twitter), in promotional materials and otherwise use the photo in connection with the business of HIOWC.

15. For the avoidance of doubt, no fees will be payable for any use of your photo(s) in connection with this competition.

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