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Membership Card

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Your HPLS membership card will be sent to you on joining. It may be used as confirmation of membership by showing it to many of our partner businesses. Where additional formal ID is asked for, it is fine to provide this as long as you are showing the HPLS card alongside. This ensures that any concession is being claimed as a member of HPLS and not because you are employed by Hampshire Police and thereby we are operating within our code of ethics. 


If you have lost your HPLS card please email us at for a replacement. 

Bluelight Card

We are often asked about this card and whether serving staff are permitted to use one. The answer is yes.  The BLC has been established for many years now and offers a wide range of retail and leisure benefits.  However BLC has no official connection with any police force, club or association and is run for profit by a private marketing company (Bluelight Card Ltd).  That said, while a proportion of what appears on the BLC website are generic corporate offers that can often be found elsewhere to the general public via other online platforms, it does offer some worthwhile exclusive online and High Street based discounts for the emergency services and on that basis we say it is worth considering.

The Difference between HPLS and Bluelight?

While there are some offers that both HPLS and the BLC provide, the two are quite different. HPLS are part of the UK Police Clubs Forum, which is the only official platform for police discounts and offer a wide range of both local and national based discounts and benefits, cashback, vouchers and re-loadable shopping cards (the latter at better rates than BLC), plus many more local direct subsidised benefits for members, such as days out tickets, theatre, cinema, trips, breaks, holidays, sports, leisure and rebates for a variety of activities, which the BLC do not offer. The BLC is mainly online and high street discounts.

Can the HPLS Card be used with the Bluelight Card?

There are cases where HPLS benefits can be used alongside the BLC card to gain a bigger discount, for example you can use the HPLS (Reward Gateway) shopping card with the BLC at the same shop and gain both discounts, because you have already pre-loaded the HPLS card at a cheaper rate, which is then the same as using a debit or credit card and you can also use the BLC to gain the additional discount.*  In other cases you can decide on which is the best offer to use between the two.

*Offers are subject to criteria and conditions which you should always check before using.

Problems logging in? If you can't remember your password, please use the password reminder facility shown on the log in page. If you have issues with Reward Gateway store cards and instant vouchers, please call their helpline on 0203 7801891. If you are still having problems, then email and we will try to resolve the problem between Monday to Thursday 0900-1500. 

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