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About Us

Hampshire Police Leisure and Sport has been around for many decades serving force staff in providing support for sport and social events. Historically known as the Sports and Social Club, in 2010 we re-structured and re-branded into something quite different from what you may have known previously. Rather than separate geographic clubs, we are now a centrally managed force wide club providing benefits for serving and retired staff across the whole County. We currently have 2 branch clubs operating as well - Western and Eastern.


HPLS is now managed by paid staff who are working hard to provide a wide range of activities and benefits to enjoy during your free time.  Our staff are self financed from income generated from the Force Lottery and Group membership schemes.  This means that all of our members contributions are invested back into providing support for sport and benefits for all the enjoy. Our numbers have more than doubled since we restructured in 2010 and we now have around 5,000 subscribing members and our numbers are growing steadily once again. 


Our club office is based at Netley at Police HQ.  471-2279

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