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Sport Section - Mixed Martial Arts

Russ and I have been teaching the grappling and wrestling club at Netley for the past 2 years and are both very passionate about officer safety. The club is registered with Police Sport UK and for those interested, there are annual competitions to work towards.

No kit will be required other than shorts and t-shirt or tracksuits without zips. Tight lycra is optional.

Russ Peacock has trained in Mixed Martial Arts for over 15 years and competed at a high level. He has also won medals in National Police competitions.

Mike has trained in Karate for over 30 years and competed Internationally. He now trains in MMA and regularly competes in grappling, winning the European championships this year.

Whether you want to improve your fitness or learn Martial Arts in a safe and relaxed environment, these sessions are designed to cater for police officers lifestyles (no commitment around shifts and IT IS FREE).

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