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Rebated Concessions

HPLS provide a number of opportunities for our members to enjoy some specific activities at a reduced cost via our rebated discount scheme. These are selected on the basis of the wider appeal for members and that no other discounts being available. In order to ensure this scheme remains viable for HPLS, we need to control the cost to the club and remain within our budget allocated to this initiative. 


Members are able to claim back in any rolling 12 month period up to 2 claims per year*


Unless otherwise stated rebates are 30% restricted to a maximum claim of £30.

There may be some additional special events that we promote as exempted events meaning these can be applied for in addition to the maximum 2 claims and these will be clearly indicated.


Details of what we offer can be found from the above links. These offers are continually under review and may be withdrawn at any time. 


*Some team based and sports related activities may be subject to additional subsidies at the discretion of HPLS. If in doubt please email your club at

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