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Shows, Music & Comedy

HPLS members discounted tickets are available for selected events.

These shows are normally purchased at group rates and subsidised. Log into HPLS Offers  Click the Shows and Events tile.  More info, price and online order form can be seen from those pages.

Mayflower shows typically save members a minimum of £20 for a pair of tickets. Wwhere guest tickets are shown, these are sold at the group rate that HPLS pay the theatre.  HPLS show tickets can only be used by the member and spouse / guest and must not ever be re-sold on third party ticket resale websites. Other shows savings will vary depending on the show and venue. Always check the venue website for full details of shows. The details below we try to keep as accurate as possible at the time of publishing.


We also offer some rebated discounts at other venues* (excluding the Southampton Mayflower) in Hampshire or other venues if the member resides outside Hampshire. Rebated discounted show examples may be shown on this page.

*Note - Our rebate policy is subject to restrictions and is under continual review and may change at any time. Members must check what our policy is before booking or ask us if unsure. Please do not submit requests retrospectively expecting payment against the current policy. We review it to ensure it is not being abused and is manageable for HPLS as far as cost and admin time is concerned. Restrictions were relaxed during 2020/21 and reinstated on Sept 1st.


Any questions?


Current Shows Available to Book

If the show you are looking is not shown, we have probably removed it as the venue has required final payment and the booking window is now closed.


Ghost Story 2.22 (Mayflower)

Thursday 19.10.23 - 7.30pm £28.50 - Max 2 Adults (Only pairs available) No guests.

Snow White (Panto) (Mayflower)

Wednesday 27.12.23 7pm - 17th now sold out

All tickets £30. Max 5 - 2 Adults plus 3 Kids. Additional guest tickets available £35

Wizard of Oz (Mayflower)

Sunday 21.1.24 1pm - £44 - Guests £48.50

Shrek - (Mayflower)

Wednesday 21.2.24 - 7.30pm - £33 - Max 5 -  Adults plus 3 Kids. Guests £38.50

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - (Mayflower)

Wednesday 8th May 2024 - 7pm - £37 - Max 2 Adults Guests £43.50.

If taking children, buy direct from the Mayflower as it works out a lower price

Life of Pi - (Mayflower)

Wednesday 15.5.24 - 7.30pm - £36 - Max 2 - Guests £43.50

Wicked - (Mayflower) 

Thursday 6.6.2024 - 7.30pm - £60 - Max 2 Adults - 3 Children - Guests £67 - Best top tier £74 (public price) seats saving £14 per ticket. 

Officer and a Gentleman (Mayflower)

Thursday 27.6.24 - 7.30pm - £38 - Mx 2 Adults - Guests £43.50

SIX - (Mayflower)

Wednesday 17.7.24 - 7.30pm - £32.50 - Max 2 - Guests £37.50

Pretty Woman - (Mayflower)

Thursday 25.7.2024 - 7.30pm - £33 - Max 2 - Guests £39


Grease (Mayflower)

Wednesday 30.10.24 - 7.30pm - £38 - Max 2 - Guests £43.50

Book here;

HPLS Offers


New shows coming..


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