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You could be forgiven in thinking that just keeping fit is not a sport, however there are many different types of fitness activities that are considered to be a sport and clubs exist to support this and competitions are organized for those who wish to take part. Crossfit is one such example which is taking off in popularity across the UK. More about this can be found HERE.


There is a recent force sports section which is based around fitness and principles of CrossFit which is looking for new members to get involved. The PSUK are considering whether to make Crossfit an authorized police sport event as well.  


For information on this and future activities please contact 

Latest News


Four staff representing Hampshire Constabulary attended the National PSUK CrossFit competition held in Lancashire to compete in a gruelling 2 day event against 49 other teams.  The competition comprised of 8 tests of strength, stamina and skill which ultimately led to the team taking second place in the intermediate division.  For those who know nothing about CrossFit; it involves training in functional fitness with workouts being constantly varied mixing strength, cardio and gymnastics together to provide an interesting training model which you won't get bored doing.  It has been around since 2007 and is the perfect training for all levels of abilities as all workouts and movements can be scaled to a person's specific fitness level.

The team (below - from left-right) comprising of PC's Elliot Baxman, Jenni Lawrence and Matthew Thomas from the JOU and Katy Wearne from ACRO have been training for a couple of years and heavily involved in the Hampshire Police CrossFit club.  Their dedication to their training has clearly shown with this tremendous result against some very tough competition.  Especially with the first workout involving a 1 mile run which wasn't a favourite movement for them; thankfully there were some rope climbs, pulls ups and some olympic lifting to cheer up the rest of the day.

If anyone is interested in competing next year then give any of the team a shout and get involved.'

crossfit 2021.jpg

Hants Crossfit Squad 2021 - PSUK

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