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PSUK - Team Police

HPLS will support members to participate in PSUK (Police Sport UK) sanctioned sports, either via the force sports section covering that sport, or where a section doesn't exist, we may still support the member on an ad hoc basis on request by the member.  What is important is that where members wish to participate in PSUK sports, that they are given every opportunity to do so. 


HPLS funding is normally 50% of entry fees, actual travelling costs (using the most economical method) and overnight hotel costs if required because of distance. Food costs are excluded and should be covered by the individual.


Time off from duties at 50% may be allowed subject to your managers approval and in line with force policy which must be strictly adhered to.  The only sport which qualifies for time off are those listed as European or National 'Gold or Silver PSUK events' on the PSUK website HERE.  If in any doubt please seek advice from HPLS. Current policy can be found on the force intranet.


The PSUK website can be found HERE.  You can find a full list of all PSUK approved sports and details of upcoming events.

We also support police participation in non PSUK sporting events where they are representing Hantspol as an individual or team.

Apply HERE for funding for any sports participation which sits outside of an established sports section, for example if competing for GB Police or on your own at a PSUK event. 


For more details on specific sports see top menu tabs

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