Mini Bus Use


Teams and groups of HPLS members are able to use either the 16 seat mini buses from Netley or the HPLS i800 people carrier for non-operational use as follows;

  • 1. PSUK approved sport events* 

  • 2. Other HPLS supported and approved club group or team activities. 

*Note the use of hire cars for PSUK sport should only be used as a last resort when the above two options are not available or use of members own vehicles is not possible. Discuss with HPLS before considering this option.


They cannot be used for private, shift or department social event purposes. To enquire about the eligibility of your event or activity email in the first instance at   


Reception at Netley will refer any non operational booking to HPLS for approval before accepting the booking. This booking policy is to ensure that we are always in compliance under our motor insurance policy.  


If you believe that your event and use meets the criteria as stated above then please apply HERE.


Mini Bus - Drivers must be over 21 and have a driving licence including 'Cat D1 mini bus' which is normally included on full licences issued before 1.1.97, however licences issued after this date the driver must have passed a D1 PCV practical and theory driving test.


People Carrier - Max weight of 792kg total weight of persons and baggage and combination should not include this. As a guide this equates to 6 people with bags / suitcases or 8 persons with no baggage.