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Force Lottery

The Force Lottery is open to all Hantspol serving and retired staff, plus TVP, joint working, specials, associate members and volunteers. HFRS staff can also play the best police lotto draw around!  It pays out over £10,000 every month in fortnightly draws, with cash prizes ranging from the 'Big Jack' £4,000 top prize down to a minimum £100.  Stakes are as little as 92p per week taken from pay or pension (employees / pensioners) or standing order and the results are checked by us and notified, so no need to do anything other than join up and hope for some good news. Results are posted to this website as soon as the draws are made.

The lottery is managed in accordance with gaming regulations by HPLS and proceeds are used to pay out the biggest possible level of prizes as well as supporting to development of benefits for serving and retired staff. 

For 2023 we are concentrating on bigger cash prizes only as the non cash bonus prizes were rarely claimed in favour of the cash alternative.

You can join up in 1 minute HERE.

Latest winners can be found HERE.

FAQ's can be found HERE.

Lottery contact - 

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