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Holiday Homes Conditions

HPLS Holiday Homes - Swanage
Please read carefully.

This holiday park is NOT a Haven, Pontins, Butlins type holiday.  If that is what you are after, please do not book these homes. Read further below for more explanation.


  1. A booking is a contract between the member and HPLS and not between the member and Shorefields Ltd.

  2. HPLS reserve the right to refuse, cancel and refund any booking made via Bookalet.

  3. Bookings can only be made by HPLS members for them themselves to use. Booking for a 3rd party is strictly prohibited.

  4. Members who have stayed in either holiday home during a school holiday week are NOT permitted to re-book a school holiday week for the following 3 years.

  5. Full payment for the hire will be required at the time of booking or within one month of reservation, whichever is stated.

  6. Every booking will require a security cleaning deposit of £80 to be paid at the time of booking.  This will be refunded following confirmation that the home was left clean and ready for the next guest.

  7. Guests need to bring their own bedding, towels, kitchen roll, disposable refuse and toilet rolls. 

  8. The inventory list should be check on arrival and any breakages or missing items should be reported.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. Once a booking is made and hire fee paid, it is non-refundable. We will endeavour to re-sell the week on behalf of the member if there is sufficient notice, however if there are no takers then the hire fee will be lost and any recourse for compensation should be with a travel insurance policy, which we strongly suggest a member should have.

  2. HPLS cannot guarantee a holiday. For example if the home suffered damage of any kind rendering the home unfit for use, HPLS cannot be held responsible for the provision of another holiday home.  A full refund would be provided back to the member in such a case. 


  1. HPLS holiday homes operate on a member self-clean basis. This means the vacating member will leave the home clean and tidy ready for the next guest.  There are no cleaners coming in after you. Should we receive any evidence that this has been carried out, the vacating member will forfeit the cleaning security deposit. 

  2. Guests should bring their own bedding as this is not provided.

  3. Mattress and pillow protectors are provided and there should be spares to use if any get stained. Alternatively these can be washed at the site launderette or replaced from the shop in Swanage and a refund claimed back from HPLS.

  4. HPLS will try to provide sufficient cleaning materials, however where these run out, we expect the member to purchase additional supplies, for which a refund will be provided with a receipt. 

  5. The outside decking area, tables and chairs should be washed down before vacating.  There are buckets and brushes for doing this.

  6. Homes should hoovered throughout and the hoover emptied after use.

Conduct on Site

  1. It should be understood that the holiday park is a quiet, mostly private individually owned holiday homes, which is far different to most larger commercial holiday parks, such has Haven, Pontins etc. Please do not book if you are after the latter.

  2. Members must ensure that the behaviour of all of their guests, children included, is not disruptive to other homeowners and consideration is always given to neighbouring home occupants. 

  3. Only HPLS members and their immediate family guests are permitted to stay on site overnight, unless by prior agreement with HPLS.

  4. Children of guests must be supervised at all times when on the site.

  5. No smoking or vaping is permitted inside the homes.

  6. No amplified music should be played to be heard by neighbouring home owners

  7. BBQ's should not be used anywhere near the home or on the decking

  8. Only one vehicle is permitted to be parked outside of the home. Any additional vehicles should be parked around the area of the site office.

  9. Outside activities should finish by 10pm.

Pets are only permitted in Moonstone and must all times be kept within the boundary of the home and never off a lead. 
Extra care should be taken by pet owners staying in Moonstone that there is no evidence of pets obvious to the next guest arriving.

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