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Problems logging in? If you can't remember your password, please use the password reminder facility shown on the log in page. If you have issues with Reward Gateway store cards and instant vouchers, please call their helpline on 0203 7801891. If you are still having problems, then email and we will try to resolve the problem between Monday to Thursday 0900-1500. 

How can I find out what member deals there are?
Log into You will need to register first and you will have you own user name and password.

I am after a particular deal but you don't have it?
If there is a deal to be had for our members we want to get it. Just let us know and if we can get it we will. We will let you know and make it available to all our members, but please be patient as these things often take time to negotiate and formalise with companies.

I am not getting the club benefits update circulation?
That means one of two things. Either you are staff and are not currently on the email GDL which is easily fixed - just let us know, or that you are retired or seconded and we have not yet managed to get your name and email on our list. Either way please send us a quick email and it will be sorted.

What is the difference between a Branch Club and the Force Club?
All of our members join the central club and can enjoy the benefits wherever you are. In addition to that there are 2 branch clubs still running (Western and Eastern) that can offer some additional benefits. You may be listed with a branch clubs at no extra cost. Email to request being listed.

My partner runs a business and would like to advertise on your site?
This is OK so long as firstly you are a member of our club and also that members are being offered a genuine exclusive discount. If that is the case please make contact.

I have heard that there are mini buses that we can use for events?
There are 3 force mini buses available, but only for PSUK sports organised events and official HPLS sanctioned events and nothing else unfortunately. This is due to insurance conditions. If you are organising a club sport or leisure event which involves only HPLS members then please make contact with us before boking any mini bus.

I would like to start up a new sport or leisure section, how can I do this?
The club is always interested in supporting new activities. If you have a number of others interested in doing the same sport or activity then please submit a short summary of what you want to do, who will be involved and what you would like in the way of assistance to get things going. We will make contact with you.


I would like to start playing a sport, how do I do this?

If you look at the sports page under the top menu, make contact with the sport rep and arrange to get involved in their activity. All sections are looking for new members.


Can you get me tickets for...?

We work hard to provide as many leisure opportunities as we can. There are some things that we can't do even when we would like to. This includes events where organisers simply wont offer discounts or make it very difficult for us to buy in groups at a discount. Also events where there is a wide range of ticket options and packages as this makes offering what members actually want almost impossible.  By all means please ask if there is something that you think could be good to offer and will look at it if we have not already.


Can we ask for money towards a shift function?

You can ask the Southampton Police Club Trust Fund for such funding but make sure you do this in good time.  HPLS will consider funding for some events but these need to be organised events on behalf of the club for primarily members of HPLS.

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