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Your Money Counts

Most us know that a fool and their money are soon parted, however even the most careful of us can easily spend more than we need to, so any help in making our cash go further is always welcome.  Here we look at lots of ways that we can focus in on saving where we can and spending wisely like we should.  


I Didn't Realise!

Example savings using some of the benefits found on

You may be surprised what you can achieve just by planning ahead. Click HERE  


Money Saving Ideas

There are many areas of your finances that you have control over and by quickly reviewing how and where you spend your hard earnt lolly, you can easily make some real gains!  Click HERE to see where to look. 


Money Calculator

Budgeting isn't just for the Chancellor!  If you keep an eye on where your money is going you can soon make some fairly basic adjustments to your bank balance in a good way. Click HERE for a simple easy to use money budgeting tool. 


Looking For Advice?

Sometimes we need to speak to someone who can advise us on savings, investments, mortgages and legal matters such as wills and trusts.  If you do then please take time to find someone who you feel that you can trust.  The below links may be of help to you.  HPLS work with financial advisors who have helped our colleagues and are familiar with our police family. 

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