Cycling (Road & MTB)

HantspolCC have booked 4 sessions at Calshot Velodrome with Surrey police CC.  Each is a Sunday morning, 0900hrs-1200hrs. As we are sharing the sessions we have 8 places for each session (Dates below). The first one however is this coming Sunday 25/11/15.  The track hire fee is subsidised so you will need to be paying for bike hire and shoes unless you already use "Look Keo" cleats as riders are no longer allowed to swap pedals over on the rental bikes. Of course if you have your own ride you are free to use that and save the cost.  Bike and shoe hire works out at about £15 for the session, payable on the day at reception.

The sessions are catering to all abilities. There is a coach allocated and riders will need to have cash each to hand to pay the coach on the day. If the slots aren't filled sufficiently the cost of the coach is spread among fewer people and works out around £8 each if all 16 places are taken.  So all told you are getting 3hrs coached on the velodrome for about £23. Not a bad rate!

Sunday mornings 0900-1200
23/12/18 - 0900-1200
27/01/19 - 0900-1200
24/02/19 - 0900-1200

First come first served please, so let me know by e-mail which date(s) to put you down for. If Surrey do not get enough riders for a session they will let us know to fill the extra spaces, this will likely be on short notice though.

Track riding is a great training aid to your normal road, or any other type of, riding. You do not have to be or aspire to be Chris HOY. Track riding teaches you a good many things about your riding not least of which is a feel for smooth pedalling and bike control without the dependence on brakes or gears.

You will need a crash helmet, gloves (preferably long finger) and your riding gear. It is advisable to wear full length leg and arm coverings also. Also, the building is not heated so during the chilly months the inside temperature at the track can easily be colder that that outside; think about your layers. You must also be a paid up Sports and Social (HPLS) member.

Please only commit to attending if you really can make it. Last minute cancellations are difficult to fill and fail to appears result in your colleagues footing the bill for the coach. 

Contact me if you want to attend any/some/all of the sessions.
Andy Gwyer | Police Sergeant 23089

Also follow them on Twitter at @hantspolcc

Fancy getting involved with road or off road MTB riding? The cycling section would like to get these activities up and riding again so please contact ASndy or Phil to discuss making this happen.